About Cerrillos Lodge

For over 125 years, Cerrillos Lodge has been a source of light, first in the old mining town of Cerrillos, New Mexico, and later in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cerrillos Lodge is not the oldest, grandest, or largest Lodge in New Mexico, but it may well be the most unique. Cerrillos Lodge has a diverse membership of brothers from all walks of life, and all corners of the world. A number of the brethren are exceptionally talented operative craftsmen, as well as speculative craftsmen.

Cerrillos Lodge is known for its esoteric disposition, as the brethren have traditionally been inclined to careful study of Masonic symbolism in the quest for knowledge, understanding, and truth. Cerrillos Lodge emphasizes the importance of charity, through volunteering and fundraising. Cerrillos Lodge also has a reputation for excellence in ritual work among the brethren of other Lodges.

If you are interested in Masonry, or are a sojourning brother, we cordially invite you to share in fellowship with us at our monthly dinner, which we share before our regular monthly communication. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month, and dinner begins at 6:30 pm. We hope to see you!

History of Cerrillos Lodge

Craftsmen From The Quarry A History of Cerrillos Lodge #19 Presented to the New Mexico Lodge of Research – June 4, 2005 By Bert P. Dalton, Past Master 2004 Cerrillos Lodge #19 is not the oldest, grandest, or largest. Yet a small, intimate, and persistent group of Craftsmen has sustained a quality lodge from its [...]

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2016 Officers

Worshipful Master   John G. Rehders Senior Warden     José M. Montaño, PM                 Treasurer     Jeff Assad, PM Junior Warden     Zayd S. Ghazzawi                       Secretary     Khristaan D. Villela, PM Senior Deacon     Michael Freitas                            Marshall       Steve Chappelle, PM        Senior Steward    Jonathan Madsen                        Junior Steward     Larry Widmer

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Past Master L.V. West

Worshipful Brother L.V. West, PM Worshipful Brother Master L.V. West, PM was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. After completing law school there, he moved west and served as a law clerk to two federal judges. During his clerkship for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, L.V. began his Masonic Career [...]

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2018 Officers

Worshipful Master: Zayd S. Ghazzawi                  Senior Warden: Michael Freitas                 Junior Warden: Larry Widmer                       Senior Deacon: Bert Dalton                     Junior Deacon: Damon Apodaca   [...]

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Past Masters of Cerrillos Lodge No. 19

Past Masters of Cerrillos Lodge No. 19 1890                     George L. Wyllys 1891-1894            Charles F. Easley (3 times) 1895-1896             Austin L. Kendall 1897-1898             William E. Dame 1899-1900             Richard P. Green 1901-1902             Earl A. Turner 1903                      Gus J. Johnson 1904                      Earl A. Turner 1905-1906             John W. Sullivan 1907                       Frank A. Yoakum 1908                       John P. McNulty 1909                       Frank A. Yoakum 1910                       John W. [...]

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